Introducing tee number three of my recent knit sewing frenzy: The floral raglan.

This fabric has the weirdest backstory: Back in 2009/10, I used to buy a lot of clothes on eBay. One day I came upon this beautiful floral skirt that someone sold and scored it for a euro.

When it arrived, I realized that this was not a piece of brand name clothing, like the seller had advertised, but a piece of knit fabric that was transformed into something skirt-like by some obviously very amateur sewer. It even had one horribly installed zipper that was both the wrong colour and the wrong type of zipper.


Pattern: Raglan Shirt from the book “Sew U Home Stretch” by Wendy Mullins
Size:4, but took in the sides
Fabric:black jersey and floral jersey from my stash
Alterations:– took in the side seams for a more fitted look
– added a few centimeters to the length
Make Again?Yes! It’s great for using up remnants that are not big enough for an entire shirt.

It was superweird, but the fabric was beautiful, so being the strange hoarder I was back then, I kept it.

While rummaging through my stash last week, I thought “Why not give this a try?” and went to work. The amount of fabric was just about enough for the front and back of this raglan plus a set of elbow patches.


I love the style of this shirt. It’s a simple classic cut with a more unusual fabric choice. Just the right thing to wear with a pair of jeans or a plain skirt when you don’t feel like dressing up but don’t want to look super boring either.

I’m still thinking about altering the neckline by making it a bit wider but other than that, I’m really satisfied with how this shirt turned out.

So that was shirt number three of my Week of Shirts. Shirt number four will be up on the blog tomorrow. It’s in a beautiful fabric with another unusual backstory.