Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today I don’t have a sewing, but an upcycling project for you. You may or may not remember this jacket that I posted about in April last year. It’s one of my long term unfinished projects that I can now finally consider finished. Which is ridiculous, given that it only took a couple of hours to complete.

Unfinished Military Jacket | naehzimmerblog.de

But let’s start at the beginning: I got this jacket for my 17th birthday from my cousin who worked in an embroidery studio (seriously: How cool is that?). They sold these old French military parkas, embellished with beautiful designs. For our birthdays, my sister and I both picked a motif which our cousin embroidered onto a jacket for us. I chose yellow bats and felt so cool for my choice.

Even though I wore my new garment proudly at 17, a couple of years later, in my twenties, it just didn’t feel right anymore. The fit was too loose and my teenage idea of “cool” (yellow bats) had slightly shifted.

The jacket went on a hanger in my closet, moved apartments with me six times and survived a couple of radical closet-cleanouts. Somehow, I never had the heart to give it away. Partly because it always reminded me of my cousin, partly because I still loved the colour and style. After letting it alter into a more fitted style by a professional seamstress (best idea ever!), it was only the bats that kept me from wearing it.

The other day, I was in real getting-sh*t-done mode, so I finally tackled my ill-fitting Victoria blazer and – while I was at it – used the old center back piece as a cover-up for the bat jacket.

Even though it was super simple, it felt like such a relief to finally have this long-term UFO off my table. I am very pleased with the result – the fabric is still one of my absolute favourites – and I am certain that this jacket will finally get the amount of wear it deserves.

Isn’t it great when we find ways to upcycle our old, long-loved garments? I can’t wait to wear my new old jacket again! Luckily, Hamburg summers won’t make me wait too long for that :-D