Strap Options for my Cobalt Dress: Details

I’ve been obsessed with cobalt blue for quite a while now. It all started with Lauren’s dress and then this interview with Gretchen Jones on Seamwork (scroll down to see the photo of her blue dress). Gretchen really is right when she says that “you can’t not stare at somebody in a bright blue dress”. And then, of course, there’s all those beautiful pictures of girls in strappy maxi dresses on pinterest. And pictures of straps, attached in very interesting and unusual ways across the back. I just love how those look so “casually sexy”, without being too extreme or too much.

Cobalt Dress Strap Options: Sketches

This was enough to keep me inspired for days and my lack of beautiful summer dresses added to all of it, so in order to fulfill my cobalt blue desires, I ordered some low priced rayon from Stoff&Stil and sketched out the overall design and a few different strap options.

So far, so good. Uni is crazy right now and I’m halfway convinced, I will end up sewing this one in summer 2018, but let’s hope my cobalt blue cravings will find a way to make it work. Because you can not not feel amazing in a cobalt blue dress :)