I told you in my “2015 plans” post that I wanted to approach some long-term-goals this year, one or two every month. My january goal was to learn how to knit. I wanted to do this ages ago. It seems like the perfect addition to sewing. My first project was this simple hat with ribbing on the bottom and decreasing stitches towards the top.
After just five rows I felt like Harry Potter having his first magic lesson. I mean: It really started to look like the ribbing of a hat! How crazy is that? (a fact I pointed out to everyone I saw that week …)

Do I like it?

Definitely! The beauty of the material, the relaxing motion of my hands, the fact that it is very affordable and requires very few tools to get started.

So far, knitting also seems a lot simpler than sewing: No prewashing, no cutting, no interfacing. You just start and then you stop. It is also easier to knit in trains, subways and cars than it is to sew (believe me, I tried …).


Pattern: “Sloppy Beanie Hat” from my knitting class
Wool:Austermann Irish Tweed, 50g/110m,
70% virgin wool, 30% mohair
Needles:50 cm circular needles in size 5 (UK 6, US 8)
Grams used:around 60g / 1.5 skeins
Make Again?Yes! Yes! Yes! This is such a great basic pattern. Hat Nr. 2 is in the making.

How did I learn it?

First, I signed up for a beginner’s knitting class. Which was quite the desaster.  Not only was I the slowest of all the girls there but I also ran into every single problem you can run into while knitting hats. The teacher got very frustrated and grumpy with me, which, obviously, was not motivating at all.

That night, I felt really sad and thought about quitting this whole knitting thing altogether. But then the next day, I was even more determined to learn it. Somehow I wanted to prove to myself (and to that rude lady) that I could do it. I wanted to kick her butt by making that freaking hat!

So I took the pattern, an old knitting book and the internet and I did it. I knit my first hat. Ha! Take that, mean old knitting lady! And thank you, YouTube, knitting blogs and small-but-oh-so-well-explained-knitting-instructions-brochure-the-yarn-shop-lady-gave-me-like-5-years-ago.

learning to knit

Left: All I needed to get started. That green wool is for hat number two already.
Right: My mum’s old knitting book from 1982. The graphics are very well explained and the book has some wacky knitting pattern from the late seventies / early eighties :-D

Okay, I am off now to knit another hat and satisfy my inner mad hatter. By the end of winter I will probably have one hat for every day of the week … Any fellow knitters out there who could recommend interesting knitting blogs and patterns?